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A New Smart Metering Home Area Network Perspective

Back in the heyday of the North American smart meter roll-out of 2009, you couldn’t say “smartmeter” without bringing Zigbee and home area networks into the discussion.  Many meter companies as well as utilities had already decided to roll out … Continue reading

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Look Mom I can shrink Arduino even more! And it cost only EUR 4.00!

Originally posted on olimex:
On October 11 I blogged for our OLIMEXINO-NANO which is already in production and will be ready for sale on November 1st 🙂 With dimensions only 30×30 mm NANO is really cool, but we wanted to see…

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Retro AVR Demo from 1997…On STK600

Running the 90S1200 demo on a modern STK600 to reverse engineer and validate the pin mappings. The original demo was on a little coin cell powered board and was carried by every Atmel salesperson in 1997 when the AVR was … Continue reading

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Using a Digital Temperature Sensor for Long Leaded Thermistor Replacement

Plain old NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistors have been around for a very long time.  Combined with a suitable resistor network and calibration, they can provide accurate temperature measurement and indication of relative temperature changes.   Today, there are small chip … Continue reading

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