Retro AVR Demo from 1997…On STK600

Running the 90S1200 demo on a modern STK600 to reverse engineer and validate the pin mappings. The original demo was on a little coin cell powered board and was carried by every Atmel salesperson in 1997 when the AVR was introduced. The 4 LEDs represented the relative speed of the AVR versus the popular competitors, some of which are still around today. At that time, very few people had seen the level of integration and performance in the little 20 pin AT90S1200. It had its own RC oscillator, EEPROM, In-System Programmable Flash, and I/O that could drive 20 mA. And it could sleep with under 1 Microamp of current draw and wake up in a few microseconds from an external interrupt (as implemented in the demo)

Next step will be re-coding the demo on a new Tiny4313 AVR using Atmel Studio 6.1 and C so that I can use the little demo board for a new project.

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